I am frequently asked ‘What happens in a Reading?’

Well, all Readings are different, just as all people are different.

Having said that, the structure of my Readings is usually the same, with one or two deviations if I am guided to do so!

We start by turning on your phone to Voice Recorder or Voice Memo – very important. There is far too much information for you to remember. Some of it you may not know. You may need to verify the validations given by asking a friend or family member. Also, isn’t it lovely to sit quietly at home afterwards and listen to the content of the Reading?

I start by asking you to shuffle a set of Tarot cards to put your energy on the cards, as opposed to the last person. Whilst you are doing that, I ‘tune in’ to your loved ones in Spirit; I do not conjure them up as some people think – you bring them with you and, hopefully, take them home with you afterwards!

I then ask you just to say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ as I tell you who is stepping forward to communicate with you, and I give certain facts to validate that it is the person I say I have with me. I may describe how they passed, their personality, a fond memory they have of you, a first letter of a Christian name relating to them, someone they are with in Spirit or someone they want to acknowledge this side of life. Names and numbers do come thru, but not always. However, there is always enough so that you know who is there for you and why.

Once we have established who is there for you, they stick around to help with the Directional Reading – which is the next part of your experience. I ask you to choose 9 cards from your pack, then Read those for you in a general sense of why you have come for this Reading and what they are going to talk about with you.

Next, I do 3 further spreads of cards from another pack of Tarot which only I handle. These cards enable me to go deeper and give more details. During this time you can ask questions or stop me if you need to ask more about anything. There is a lot of information given; it gradually goes deeper and builds rather like a soap opera! Another reason why it is so important to record your Reading.

The messages they give are for your highest good, or the good of someone they want you to convey them to. If anything negative is given, it is to give you a chance to change it or make it right in some way. I never talk about a specific death – in fact, if you ever go to a Medium and they start predicting death, you should walk out and not pay. Some people want to know when someone is going to die – it is not my job to predict death. I use my judgement in rare cases to help clients who are dealing with a long suffering family member, but only if it is shown as the right thing to do.

My job is to show the positive and negative pathways in life to help clients make decisions. Again, it is not my job to make decisions for you. Life is a school room and we have decisions and choices to make as we go on our journey.

Finally I give time at the end to ask questions. Usually my client looks at me in a rather stunned way and says ‘I cant think of anything . . there has been so much . . I need to take it all in!’ Again, explaining why it is important to have that recording.

I do not recommend writing things down. It slows down the whole process and makes it very confusing for me as my guides are racing ahead with 3 things, whilst you are still writing down the first!!

Having said that, some Mediums are very comfortable with their client taking notes, we are all different. For me it is all about the two of us in an energy circle which is connected to those in Spirit, so I have to have your energy in sync with mine as we go thru the Reading. This does not mean I have to see you, just be connected with you and have your full attention. I often Read by Skype, Facetime or Phone which validates that this is all about an energy connection, not me Reading your body language or mind. Indeed, some of the facts given are not always known by my client, they have to go to someone else for validation, or look at a family tree.

The structure of a Reading can vary in the following way: if a person in Spirit advises me to ‘do the numbers’ for my client. I will then stop and go to my box to get pen and paper to begin a Numerology analysis of the people I am talking about. This can be very helpful to find out more about personalities, situations and compatibility.

If you want to bring a ring, watch or something personal connected to a loved one in Spirit, that’s fine but not necessary. I can Read the item – I’ve even Read a pair of slippers before now!

Sometimes the first part of a Reading where I connect to Spirit can be brief, sometimes it can take up half the Reading! It just depends who comes through and what they have to say. If my client wants a Directional Reading only in which he or she just needs to know about their present and future, that’s fine, we can do that. My guides are asked to help with this type of Reading and, although I may be connecting with your people on the other side, I will not tell you about it if u don’t want to know.

I am also a Healer and Teacher. So, during a Reading with me you will often get medical information about yourself or those close to you. I am not medically trained, but I have a Guide who is very reliable when it comes to this sort of thing. He has been known to save lives on occasion.

I will also offer advice and guidance in a practical sense if they show me something in my frame of reference which has happened to me in the past. This may be something as straightforward as giving you the name and phone number of a professional person you need to consult. Again, from the feedback I receive, this type of guidance can prove to be extremely helpful and life changing.

I hope this Blog helps to answer your questions about coming for a Reading and what to expect. If you have any further queries, please get in touch by phone, e-mail, messenger etc. and I will be happy to try to answer them. Having a Reading is a positive step forward in your life – we all need some guidance now and then, or validation that the choices and decisions we are making are the right ones!

Your loved ones in Spirit are always around you – they do enjoy trying to help us as we go through our journey this side of life. You will not exhaust them, disturb them or worry them if you have a Reading. They will only step forward if it is the right time and they feel qualified to help you with what is going on. It is an honour and pleasure for me to act as the conduit between you and them. Enjoy!!

Best Wishes for now and the future – Lynda Ellen

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