Communication with those In Spirit

Hi Everyone!

Many of you have asked me about communicating with your loved ones in Spirit, so here are some guidelines in easy steps for you to try at home.

I know this system works, you just have to give it your best shot and persevere if it doesn’t work the first time.

Don’t worry, you will not ‘conjure up’ bad Spirits; your Intention is the most important thing. Your loved ones are around you; you just have to create the right environment for them to communicate with you.

Firstly, find yourself a relaxed, quiet place to sit. You do not want to be disturbed whilst you do this. You will then need the following items:

  1. A glass of water

  2. Light 3 candles (tea lights will do)

  3. Hold a pink rose quartz crystal in each hand

  4. Deep Breaths

The above are representative of the four elements – Earth (Crystals), Air (Deep Breaths), Fire (Candles) & Water (Glass of).

You need to ‘open up’ to sense the Energy around you. I do this by visualising a lotus flower. (Please see the pictures below). As the petals slowly open, just as they would do in the early morning sun, so your crown chakra is opening to receive messages from your loved ones.

Now take some sips of the water to help ground you. This means relax and let go of the day’s business and troublesome events.

Light your candles if you have not already done so.

Pick up your crystals in each hand, then take 3 or 4 really big, deep breaths. Lift your shoulders as you slowly breathe in, then blow that air our really hard!

There is nothing polite or ladylike about this! By now you should be a lot more relaxed and ready to speak to your loved ones.

By all means have a photograph nearby if you feel you would like to, but it is not necessary. Then just start speaking to Grandma or whoever it is you would like to connect with. Tell her about anything you feel she would like to know or anything she can help you with. Try to keep it simple at first and conclude by asking her one question you would like answered. Finish by saying – “Until next time, or au revoir, NOT goodbye, just so she knows you intend to continue trying to connect with her another day.

Now sip some water and remember DO NOT DRIVE for at least 15 minutes after you finish. You can get spots before the eyes and/or blurred vision.

What should you expect to feel? Well, we are all different. But YOU know how your loved ones ‘felt’ to you when they were this side of life. So try to sense them standing behind or to either side of you. Female energy is lighter than male energy. If you feel tingles, a light touch on your hair, face or body, then think about what side of you was affected. Left side is female energy, right side male.

Another question I am often asked is “Can I connect with a person in Spirit that I didn’t know personally?” Yes, absolutely. If they have crossed over, they can come through.

Animals are very precious to us; again my clients frequently ask if an animal has a Soul and if it can go to Heaven just like us. Again, yes, absolutely.

There is NO difference in connecting with animal Souls to human ones. Some Mediums try to say it is a separate ‘gift’ to be able to connect with them;

I disagree, if they have crossed over, they can come through.

The only questions we cannot answer as Mediums is WHO will come through, or WHEN. Even the best Mediums and Spiritual people in the World cannot answer this. It is possible for loved ones to step forward and communicate with us very soon after their passing, but in some cases we may not hear from them for many, many years.

I would always advise, if I am asked, not to have a Reading too soon after a passing. Try to wait 6 months if you can, but at least 3 months. It can interfere with the grieving process, which unfortunately we all go through in a different timescale. It is not harmful in any way to those who have crossed over – they simply will not step forward until they are ready to do so. It does not mean that they do not love you or you have done something wrong.


A very famous Medium, Jon Edward, was very close to his Mother, who sadly dies of Cancer. They agreed she would contact him as soon as she could after she died. Of course he expected her to speak to him very soon as he was a famous Medium, but more than 10 years passed before she finally came through.

Once you ‘know’ that you are getting some connection with those who have crossed, try to do it at about the same time of the day. You do not have to try every day, but they enjoy a ‘routine’ and the energy connection will strengthen more easily if they know when to expect you!

Now, how do you know how to receive the answers to your questions. Well, I find just as I wake up in the morning, after I have been speaking to my loved ones the night before, is a very good time for them to give me an ‘answer’, often in the form of a picture I see or words I hear in my head.

They also like to give us signs, which can take many forms. You may switch on the radio or TV and there is your answer! You may open the Newspaper or a book and a word jumps right off the page. Number plates on a car, a sign hanging in a shop window, all these things can be the ‘answer’ you need.

Yes, loved ones do appear as butterflies or robins. I don’t mean if you see one solitary butterfly or robin its them. But if you see one in a place or at a time when you would not expect it, or you repeatedly see robins or butterflies around you, then yes, it is them.

I really hope you have a go at the above. You have nothing to lose by trying, and everything to gain! How wonderful to feel the presence of those in Heaven, but even more wonderful to have active communication with them. With my very best wishes to you all until next time – Lynda Ellen xxx

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