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Hi Everyone! I originally wrote this Blog just before Christmas 2018, but I can assure you the principles of this exercise work at any time of the year, especially as we are emerging from the restrictions of Covid 19. I therefore invite you to read my original Blog, hoping to inspire you to re-invigorate your home, creating a better atmosphere for a new beginning in 2021.

"As we draw closer to the Christmas holidays, many of us are looking forward to entertaining family and friends at home. To prepare our homes to look their very best, we like to adorn our homes (inside and out) with Christmas decorations to create a wonderful atmosphere in which to enjoy this special time. However, when cleaning our homes before we decorate, why not give your environment an energy clean as well – this will really make a difference to the ‘feeling’ of your whole living space. Family, friends and guests will all notice ‘something different’ in a good way. “Wow, have you redecorated since we last came?”, “It feels extra special in here this year”, and “What have you done differently this year, it feels really good” are all comments that I have heard in previous years when my clients have carried out a Space Clearance in their home, or even in the office! I like to keep things simple and straightforward for those of you who would like to have a go at creating a fresh atmosphere in whatever surroundings you feel would benefit from a ‘shake up’! Please make sure you clean your house before you start the energy clean. The cleaner the house the better, so perhaps clean the house over a few days and do your ‘energy clean’ last. First of all you will need to place a black, yes black, not dark red or brown, tea light in each room. You can put 2 or 3 on each floor of your house if you have a large home, with just one on each landing. Black tea lights can be bought on line quite cheaply. Please do not use black candles as they take too long to burn down. The tea lights will absorb all the negative energy in your house, just don’t forget to open all the internal doors as we want the energy to be able to circulate. Light the tea light in the first room. Carry out the Sound Clearance (see below), then move into the next room or area, lighting the tea light in that room as you go. Sound Clearance – you will need to get rid of all those invisible cobwebs of negativity which reside in the corners of each room. To do this, use sound, which is a powerful way to shift heavy energy. The most simple way is to clap a few times at the top, middle and bottom of each corner. I prefer to use a bell or a singing bowl, but you can improvise if you do not have one of these. Hitting a metal saucepan with a metal spoon will do it, but the frequency of the bell or singing bowl is really the best. I hear you saying “What about my poor animals, or I have elderly relatives who wouldn’t like that” but, I assure you, it is worth it for the end result. My dog is fine with my singing bowl and, if the noise is too much in one room, she takes herself off to another! The next step is to allow some time for the candles to absorb the energy. About half an hour from the time you finish with your sound clearance should do it. Longer is fine, but you shouldn’t leave the burnt-out candles for longer than an hour. The candles need to be discarded as soon as they are cool to touch. Remember they contain all the ‘nasties’ now, so do NOT throw them into your kitchen bin. They should be placed in a plastic carrier bag; tie the bag, take it OUT OF THE HOUSE and dispose of it in your main bin. Now replace the love in the house by burning a combination of white and pink candles which will refresh and enhance the atmosphere throughout. I also like to bake a cake at this time, or slow dry the fruits to decorate the garlands or other Christmas decorations. Or do both – it all adds to the ambiance! If you have a really dreary, cold, dank area or a particularly nasty ‘feeling’ in any room of your home, you can try smudging with Sage. This process is very effective for shifting depressive energy which has built up over time, or as part of the process of moving negative Spirit into the light. (If you are intending to move Spirit, I suggest you hire a professional to do it for you, or at least work under their advice and guidance. You do NOT have to pay a fortune for someone to do this. This type of problem can be dealt with fairly easily in the majority of cases. Television programmes tend to exaggerate this problem for their own purposes!) I like to burn White Dried Sage in an Abalone Shell which is supported by a china saucer. You only need a few pieces to clear an average 4 bed house. Just light the Sage, blow the flames out gently and, as the smoke rises, use 2 or 3 large feathers tied together to distribute the Sage smoke. I recite special prayers as I move from room to room, for the most effective cleansing process. It is your intention which is the most important thing during this process. Always work for the highest good of those in your home, whether they are still this side of life or crossed over. Treat your home and those residing in it with respect, but make sure they know it is your home and you are in charge. With good intention in your heart and mind, you cannot go wrong. The reason I do not suggest using Sage in a general house energy clearance is that it doesn’t smell very nice! Effective it may be, but unless you are like me, i.e. working with Spirit every day, you do not need to Sage on a regular basis. When I do it at home, I open up all the cupboards and allow the Sage to drift into every part of the building. When I finish, I thank my Guides and then throw open all the doors and windows to let the fresh air cleanse and refresh my house before anyone else comes in!

You can do a mini session, where you just Sage in a few areas of your house, keeping the smell to a minimum. But again, make sure you air the rooms afterwards. Always good to Sage a day or two before you expect Company! I hope the above is clear and helpful for those of you wanting to do your own Space Clearance. I do offer this service if you feel you do not want to Sage your own house, but I would suggest you try the above before you call in someone like me. It’s a lovely thing to do as part of a ‘Christmas or Spring Clean’, or for use at any other time of the year or in your office, if you think it’s necessary. I quote individually for this service as buildings vary so much in size and space, but a normal 4 bed modern house is £50, just to give you a guide line. Wishing you all a Very Happy Christmas for 2018 and a ‘Lighter & Brighter’ New Year! Lynda Ellen xxx"

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