Don’t Lose Hope

I read this beautiful piece recently and instantly wanted to share it with as many people as possible who are looking for a new relationship in their life.

Someone somewhere is looking for

The exact same love that you have to offer.

The exact same love that the one who hurt you

Did not appreciate.

Don’t lose hope.  And don’t settle.

The most beautiful love stories are those

That come after you realise what you deserve

And you actually finally get it.

You deserve someone who loves your way of love.

Someone who loves you.


Najwa Zebian

Spiritual protection

One of the most frequent questions I am asked as a Medium is ‘How do I protect myself from negative energy?’ Well, there are several different ways to do this, but let me give you some simple, but very effective ways:

As you can see from the picture, Archangel Michael is a very strong light in the Angelic field, shining his light of truth, wisdom and strength around us whenever we ask him to do so.

The first Angel created by God, Michael is the leader of all the Archangels and is the overseer of protection, courage, strength, truth and integrity. Michael protects us physically, emotionally and psychically. He also oversees the lightworker’s life purpose.

His chief function is to rid the earth and its inhabitants of the toxins associated with fear.

Michael carries a flaming sword that he uses to cut through etheric cords and protects us from Satan and negative entities. When he is around you may see sparkles or flashes of bright blue or purple light. I often see these sparkles of blue light as I go to sleep. They are very comforting, often manifesting themselves in clusters of blue, sparkling dots.

Call upon Michael if you find yourself under psychic attack or if you feel you lack commitment, motivation and dedication to your beliefs, courage, direction, energy vitality, self-esteem, or worthiness. He is always there to help us all. Never feel you are taking him away from someone more deserving than you; he has plenty of strength and energy to go around!

So, call in Archangel Michael, asking him to put you in a bubble of white light to protect you from all forms of negativity as you go thru your day. Ask him to place a mirror in front of you to act as a shield. When poison arrows of negativity are fired at you by someone, they will be reflected right back at the person who fired them.

You may think this sounds crazy, but I have an example to share with you of a 14 year-old girl who was being bullied by a group of girls at her school. It had become so bad that she said she would try anything; hence the agreement to try the ‘crazy idea from her Mum’s friend Lynda Ellen’! The next day as the nasty comments started to be shouted at her across the playground, instead of turning away, she turned to face them with her mirror of protection safely in place, and the white light surrounding her. Sure enough, they suddenly stopped shouting and drifted away from her. She was amazed; she couldn’t believe what she was seeing! They never bothered her again.

There are hundreds of examples of Protection working in this way. Do give it a try. I do mine after I have brushed my teeth in the morning, as part of my daily routine. I also include my personal possessions and my family in the request for Protection. You could also ask for the windows and doors of your house to be protected if you live alone or feel vulnerable.

Space Clearance – DIY

Hi Everyone!

As we draw closer to the Christmas holidays, many of us are looking forward to entertaining family and friends at home. To prepare our homes to look their very best, we like to adorn our homes (inside and out) with Christmas decorations to create a wonderful atmosphere in which to enjoy this special time.

However, when cleaning our homes before we decorate, why not give your environment an energy clean as well – this will really make a difference to the ‘feeling’ of your whole living space. Family, friends and guests will all notice ‘something different’ in a good way. “Wow, have you redecorated since we last came?”, “It feels extra special in here this year”, and “What have you done differently this year, it feels really good” are all comments that I have heard in previous years when my clients have carried out a Space Clearance in their home, or even in the office!

I like to keep things simple and straightforward for those of you who would like to have a go at creating a fresh atmosphere in whatever surroundings you feel would benefit from a ‘shake up’! Please make sure you clean your house before you start the energy clean. The cleaner the house the better, so perhaps clean the house over a few days and do your ‘energy clean’ last.

First of all you will need to place a black, yes black, not dark red or brown, tea light in each room. You can put 2 or 3 on each floor of your house if you have a large home, with just one on each landing. Black tea lights can be bought on line quite cheaply. Please do not use black candles as they take too long to burn down. The tea lights will absorb all the negative energy in your house, just don’t forget to open all the internal doors as we want the energy to be able to circulate.

Light the tea light in the first room. Carry out the Sound Clearance (see below), then move into the next room or area, lighting the tea light in that room as you go.

Sound Clearance – you will need to get rid of all those invisible cobwebs of negativity which reside in the corners of each room. To do this, use sound, which is a powerful way to shift heavy energy. The most simple way is to clap a few times at the top, middle and bottom of each corner. I prefer to use a bell or a singing bowl, but you can improvise if you do not have one of these. Hitting a metal saucepan with a metal spoon will do it, but the frequency of the bell or singing bowl is really the best.

I hear you saying “What about my poor animals, or I have elderly relatives who wouldn’t like that” but, I assure you, it is worth it for the end result. My dog is fine with my singing bowl and, if the noise is too much in one room, she takes herself off to another!

The next step is to allow some time for the candles to absorb the energy. About half an hour from the time you finish with your sound clearance should do it. Longer is fine, but you shouldn’t leave the burnt-out candles for longer than an hour. The candles need to be discarded as soon as they are cool to touch. Remember they contain all the ‘nasties’ now, so do NOT throw them into your kitchen bin. They should be placed in a plastic carrier bag; tie the bag, take it OUT OF THE HOUSE and dispose of it in your main bin.

Now replace the love in the house by burning a combination of white and pink candles which will refresh and enhance the atmosphere throughout. I also like to bake a cake at this time, or slow dry the fruits to decorate the garlands or other Christmas decorations. Or do both – it all adds to the ambiance!

If you have a really dreary, cold, dank area or a particularly nasty ‘feeling’ in any room of your home, you can try smudging with Sage. This process is very effective for shifting depressive energy which has built up over time, or as part of the process of moving negative Spirit into the light. (If you are intending to move Spirit, I suggest you hire a professional to do it for you, or at least work under their advice and guidance. You do NOT have to pay a fortune for someone to do this. This type of problem can be dealt with fairly easily in the majority of cases. Television programmes tend to exaggerate this problem for their own purposes!)

I like to burn White Dried Sage in an Abalone Shell which is supported by a china saucer. You only need a few pieces to clear an average 4 bed house. Just light the Sage, blow the flames out gently and, as the smoke rises, use 2 or 3 large feathers tied together to distribute the Sage smoke. I recite special prayers as I move from room to room, for the most effective cleansing process. It is your intention which is the most important thing during this process. Always work for the highest good of those in your home, whether they are still this side of life or crossed over. Treat your home and those residing in it with respect, but make sure they know it is your home and you are in charge. With good intention in your heart and mind, you cannot go wrong.

The reason I do not suggest using Sage in a general house energy clearance is that it doesn’t smell very nice! Effective it may be, but unless you are like me, i.e. working with Spirit every day, you do not need to Sage on a regular basis. When I do it at home, I open up all the cupboards and allow the Sage to drift into every part of the building. When I finish, I thank my Guides and then throw open all the doors and windows to let the fresh air cleanse and refresh my house before anyone else comes in!

You can do a mini session, where you just Sage in a few areas of your house, keeping the smell to a minimum. But again, make sure you air the rooms afterwards. Always good to Sage a day or two before you expect Company!

I hope the above is clear and helpful for those of you wanting to do your own Space Clearance. I do offer this service if you feel you do not want to Sage your own house, but I would suggest you try the above before you call in someone like me. It’s a lovely thing to do as part of a ‘Christmas or Spring Clean’, or for use at any other time of the year or in your office, if you think it’s necessary. I quote individually for this service as buildings vary so much in size and space, but a normal 4 bed modern house is £50, just to give you a guide line.

Wishing you all a Very Happy Christmas for 2018 and a ‘Lighter & Brighter’ New Year! Lynda Ellen xxx



The Brahma game

I Read this extremely well written article the other day and just had to share it with you! It is the work of Henk van Straten, an award-winning writer from the Netherlands.


As I learned only recently, we’re living in the Age of Kali, also known as the Dark Age or the Age of Immorality. Hinduism describes a cycle of four ages, in which Kali Yuga is the fourth and last. It’s an age of decline, which ends when the world – all reality – is destroyed by the god Shiva. Then everything starts over again, brought to life by the god Brahma. But in fact, Brahma and Shiva are one. When Brahma turns his back on you, you see Shiva’s face. Creation always involves destruction.

In this sense, it’s all a game. And it’s often been described that way, for instance by British philosopher Alan Watts. Brahma is playing a game with himself, experiencing himself through the eyes and ears of all living things. Yet despite his love of hide-and-seek, he is fundamentally one. That means we too – you and I – are Brahma. We are his enjoyment.

Through us, he experiences suffering, and love, and sex, and hunger, and pleasure, and excitement. Then, when he starts to get bored, his Shiva manifestation sweeps everything off the table, and the game starts over again.

I don’t know why, exactly, but I find this myth comforting. It puts everything in a more playful light: our personal suffering, but also the suffering of the world and the time in which we live. Even Donald Trump is a game that Brahma is playing. The god is using him too as a plaything, like a child with a carnival mask.

At the same time, Brahma is not the creator in the same sense as the Christian god. There is no separation between Brahma the god and the humans that he created. We are the god, we are Brahma. He (or she, of course) is a god with countless arms and eyes, and they’re our arms and eyes.

That means we don’t have to bow down to some higher power, something mightier than we are. Unless you’d like to bow to the Great All, the Unknowable, the cosmic energy that you are. Are, not have. There’s nothing occult about that. It’s consistent with the science of quantum mechanics.

Of course, the idea that we live at the end of times is timeless. It always feels as if we’re in the Kali Yuga. So don’t take that too seriously either. Or go ahead and take it seriously if you like, it doesn’t matter. Either way, Brahma will be equally delighted.

Karma States That What You Sow Is What You Reap

The basic law of Karma states that what you sow is what you reap. What you put out will come back to you. You may think that there are many people in the world that seem to get away with everything. That is not so.  No one does. The law of Karma extends over many lifetimes.  It may appear that someone who has been deliberately harmful or hurtful to someone else, has got away it – this will not happen. The soul continues to reincarnate into another physical body and will be confronted by the same situation, or similar, to that they put the person through before. They will experience the pain and suffering themselves until lessons are learned. The only way the karmic chain can be broken is by learning forgiveness. There are different levels of Karma – what we have just discussed is Personal Karma – that is, what we have set in motion with the power of our own consciousness. The second type of Karma is Group Karma. When we incarnate into this world we are born into groups based on our skin colour, religious affiliation and so on.  When a person is born into a black body, say in the USA, he or she has to deal with racism and prejudice, not because a black body is inferior to a white body, but because of the low level of spiritual consciousness of so many souls on this plane.  A person in a black body or in a body of any other minority will take on the karmic lessons of that group. Another type of Karma is National Karma.  We are born into a certain country and are then indoctrinated with its egotistical identifications, for example if there was a nuclear war between China and the USA, we would be caught up in National Karma. There is also Planetary Karma.  Earth has certain unique lessons that are different from those on other planets. In a way all Karma could be called personal Karma, because our soul decides before we incarnate what our skin colour should be, who our families are, which religion and country we should grow up in etc. Our soul decides the lessons we must learn, it is all designed to help us grow spiritually and eventually to ascend. So remember, what you give out you will get back.  If you give out pain and suffering it will come back to you, if not in this lifetime then in your next. If on the other hand you give out love and compassion, it will come to you ten fold in this lifetime and beyond. When you have completed 51% of your Karma your mission is revealed and you are freed from the wheel of re-birth, if this is your wish. Taken from the book:  A Beginners Guide to the Path of Ascension by Dr. Joshua David Stone

Creating the new you!


Life Isn’t About Finding Yourself, Life is About Creating Yourself

We all experience times in our lives when we know we are at a cross-roads.

Conscious, deliberate self-empowerment is essential to be able to live a joyful life. Laws of attraction are very strong; so understanding how to activate the energy surrounding you is key.  Esther and Jerry Hicks have written some great books about this subject such as Ask and It is Given, The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent, The Law of Attraction and The Astonishing Power of Emotions. There are, of course, CDs, DVDs and a website to accompany the above:

Another way to help you to go forward in life is to watch, yes WATCH, the DVD of The Secret. I know there is a little paperback book, but this is meant as reference only AFTER you have watched the DVD. You really need the visual impact of the DVD first. It is divided into sections, each one about a totally different real-life experience. You decide which of these scenarios applies or appeals to you, and then act upon it.  I don’t want to give too much away as it’s such an amazing film, but either watch it on your own with a glass of your favourite tipple (preferably a bottle!), a box of chocs and a box of tissues, or with a group of very good friends! It is happy, sad, amazing, thought provoking, long (about 10 sections) and life changing!

I recommend the section with The Architect and his Young Son. I did the pin board after watching this and, I promise you, got everything off it within 2 years (except that I haven’t written a book yet, but maybe Blogging counts?)

Another great tool to help you on your new pathway is the fantastic book by Louise Hay – You Can Heal Your Life.  I have personally used this book twice in my life to help me to survive – literally.  Follow the guidance and affirmations, being open to the concept of being brutally honest with yourself at all times.  Some of this does not come easily, don’t worry, just skip to the next section.  You will go back and re-read when you are ready. Take your time with it.  Some days you will want to read quite a lot, other days a couple of paragraphs, or just pick another affirmation to practice.  Just do what you can until you reach a point where it all seems to come together and you really notice improvement in your every day life.

Another more recent book which comes highly recommended is ‘Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life’ by the amazing Wayne Dyer.  Both these books are available on Hay House Publishing UK or Amazon.  I am sure I will mention Hay House in other Blogs as it is a fount of knowledge, hosting so many Spiritual tools written and recorded by the best in the World. There is something on every subject for everyone.  Metaphysics by Greg Braden, How To Live With and Cure Yourself of Cancer by Chris Wark, Feng Shui, Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, the list goes on and on . . .

Many of the videos, audio books and pod casts are free – have a look. What have you got to lose – it may just change your life for the better!

Finally, I would like to say that I agree with Esther and Jerry Hicks as I quote the following :

There are as many different worlds as there are perceivers, Beings, or individuals.  You are not here to create one world where everyone is the same, wanting and getting the same.

You are here to be that which YOU want to be while you allow all others to be that which THEY want to be.

Wishing you an astonishing and bountiful journey – You Can Do It!      Lynda Ellen xx



I am frequently asked ‘What happens in a Reading?’

Well, all Readings are different, just as all people are different.

Having said that, the structure of my Readings is usually the same, with one or two deviations if I am guided to do so!

We start by turning on your phone to Voice Recorder or Voice Memo – very important. There is far too much information for you to remember. Some of it you may not know. You may need to verify the validations given by asking a friend or family member. Also, isn’t it lovely to sit quietly at home afterwards and listen to the content of the Reading?

I start by asking you to shuffle a set of Tarot cards to put your energy on the cards, as opposed to the last person. Whilst you are doing that, I ‘tune in’ to your loved ones in Spirit; I do not conjure them up as some people think – you bring them with you and, hopefully, take them home with you afterwards!

I then ask you just to say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ as I tell you who is stepping forward to communicate with you, and I give certain facts to validate that it is the person I say I have with me. I may describe how they passed, their personality, a fond memory they have of you, a first letter of a Christian name relating to them, someone they are with in Spirit or someone they want to acknowledge this side of life. Names and numbers do come thru, but not always. However, there is always enough so that you know who is there for you and why.

Once we have established who is there for you, they stick around to help with the Directional Reading – which is the next part of your experience. I ask you to choose 9 cards from your pack, then Read those for you in a general sense of why you have come for this Reading  and what they are going to talk about with you.

Next, I do 3 further spreads of cards from another pack of Tarot which only I handle. These cards enable me to go deeper and give more details.  During this time you can ask questions or stop me if you need to ask more about anything. There is a lot of information given; it gradually goes deeper and builds rather like a soap opera! Another reason why it is so important to record your Reading.

The messages they give are for your highest good, or the good of someone they want you to convey them to.  If anything negative is given, it is to give you a chance to change it or make it right in some way. I never talk about a specific death – in fact, if you ever go to  a Medium and they start predicting death, you should walk out and not pay. Some people want to know when someone is going to die – it is not my job to predict death. I use my judgement in rare cases to help clients who are dealing with a long suffering family member, but only if it is shown as the right thing to do.

My job is to show the positive and negative pathways in life to help clients make decisions. Again, it is not my job to make decisions for you. Life is a school room and we have decisions and choices to make as we go on our journey.

Finally I give time at the end to ask questions. Usually my client looks at me in a rather stunned way and says  ‘I cant think of anything . . there has been so much . .  I need to take it all in!’  Again, explaining why it is important to have that recording.

I do not recommend writing things down. It slows down the whole process and makes it very confusing for me as my guides are racing ahead with 3 things, whilst you are still writing down the first!!

Having said that, some Mediums are very comfortable with their client taking notes, we are all different. For me it is all about the two of us in an energy circle which is connected to those in Spirit, so I have to have your energy in sinc with mine as we go thru the Reading.  This does not mean I have to see you, just be connected with you and have your full attention.  I often Read by Skype, Facetime or Phone which validates that this is all about an energy connection, not me Reading your body language or mind. Indeed, some of the facts given are not always known by my client, they have to go to someone else for validation, or look at a family tree.

The structure of a Reading can vary in the following way: if a person in Spirit advises me to ‘do the numbers’ for my client. I will then stop and go to my box to get pen and paper to begin a Numerology analysis of the people I am talking about. This can be very helpful to find out more about personalities, situations and compatibility.

If you want to bring a ring, watch or something personal connected to a loved one in Spirit, that’s fine but not necessary. I can Read the item – I’ve even Read a pair of slippers before now!

Sometimes the first part of a Reading where I connect to Spirit can be brief, sometimes it can take up half the Reading! It just depends who comes through and what they have to say. If my client wants a Directional Reading only in which he or she just needs to know about their present and future, that’s fine, we can do that. My guides are asked to help with this type of Reading and, although I may be connecting with your people on the other side, I will not tell you about it if u don’t want to know.

I am also a Healer and Teacher. So, during a Reading with me you will often get medical information about yourself or those close to you. I am not medically trained, but I have a Guide who is very reliable when it comes to this sort of thing. He has been known to save lives on occasion.

I will also offer advice and guidance in a practical sense if they show me something in my frame of reference which has happened to me in the past. This may be something as straightforward as giving you the name and phone number of a professional person you need to consult.  Again, from the feedback I receive, this type of guidance can prove to be extremely helpful and life changing.

I hope this Blog helps to answer your questions about coming for a Reading and what to expect. If you have any further queries, please get in touch by phone, e-mail, messenger etc. and I will be happy to try to answer them. Having a Reading is a positive step forward in your life – we all need some guidance now and then, or validation that the choices and decisions we are making are the right ones!

Your loved ones in Spirit are always around you – they do enjoy trying to help us as we go through our journey this side of life. You will not exhaust them, disturb them or worry them if you have a Reading. They will only step forward if it is the right time and they feel qualified to help you with what is going on.  It is an honour and pleasure for me to act as the conduit between you and them. Enjoy!!

Best Wishes for now and the future – Lynda Ellen

Meditation for beginners

Hi!   Lynda Ellen here with another Blog! 

One of my clients asked me about Meditation recently. It was quite an advanced question, but it got me thinking about Meditation in general. If, like me, you always wanted to do things like Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi etc that you had heard about, but never quite found the time to actually start, this Blog is for you.

Meditation brings wisdom;

Lack of mediation leaves ignorance.  (note: m e d i a t i o n)

Know well what leads you forward

and what holds you back,

and choose the path

that leads to wisdom.


So, here are some suggestions of how to Find the Best in You!

When you start to meditate you begin to FEEL into yourself.  You become aware of how you feel physically and emotionally.  You start to gain clear insight into your life and your purpose. Intuition becomes more and more clear, and when you consider your intention, you become a superfeeler.

Meditation focuses on the breath. There are so many techniques that involve different things to do with the breath. You can count the breath as it comes and goes, holding the breath at the top and at the bottom; breathe short and fast, long and deep, and vary pace and timing to an infinite number of possibilities. The idea behind all the breath work is to allow you to become more aware of yourself in the present moment.  When you take a deep breath, you can feel more than when your breathing is shallow.  It also grounds you and helps you to relax.

Try it now. Wherever you are, close your eyes and take a huge deep breath in through your nose. Hold it at the top for a few moments, then slowly release all the air out through your mouth. Repeat twice more and gently open your eyes.

Imagine if you did more feeling in your daily life and allowed yourself the opportunity to feel your way through circumstances when you weren’t meditating. Imagine if you had space between you and whatever is going on in your life.  With meditation, you become a sensitised superhero, completely in control, with endless possibilities at your fingertips. When we aren’t feeling and aren’t meditating regularly, we are subject to our insecurities, mood swings and negative thoughts.  Who can see clearly under all that rubbish?

Cultivating a daily mediation practice removes the stuff that fogs up your access to your best self and clear thinking.  It’s like sitting behind a dirty, smeary window and one day remembering you can pick up a cloth, wipe the window clean and discover gorgeous scenery on the other side.

Setting up a home meditation practice is even simpler than setting up a yoga practice space. You don’t need anything that you don’t already have. You can meditate on your couch, sitting up in bed, or even at your desk. However, having a special spot will probably help with familiarity and regularity of your practice.  You can just use two thick blankets folded up and placed on the floor against a wall. It’s simple, easy and comfortable. As you walk by each morning and see the blankets, remember to take five minutes to sit and feel into your breath. Your day will be better!

Here are three tips to begin you meditation practice:

  1. Don’t Worry About Clearing Your Mind – It’s easy to fall into the belief that the goal of meditation is to have a crystal clear mind so you can see all the secrets of the Universe!

Don’t worry: plenty of cool experiences are going to happen to you. There is no need to get wrapped up in getting everything right straight away.

The mind wanders – that’s just what it does.  Every time your thoughts carry you off on a journey, just bring your attention back to your breath, back to feeling. That is what we need to practice.

The goal is to notice when your mind wanders. When you notice, you have a choice. You can go along for the ride, or you can guide your attention right back inward.  You will do this over and over again. Just see things as they happen. Guide your attention back to breathing and feeling. That’s your practice. Make the goal a process, not the destination.

  1. Write it down. When you have a ‘light bulb moment’ you don’t want to forget it.

Exciting thoughts and spontaneous ideas will come to you during meditation.  They may be great plans for  your business, a creative combination to try out in the kitchen, or your next project to work on at home. When these flashes of brilliance pop into your mind, do not try to remember or store them for later. Just stop, take a moment and write them down in the note book you keep close by. Now it’s down on paper, and you can come back to deal with it later. For the next few moments, come right back to your breath. Your light bulb moments are now preserved and your sacred meditation time intact. Win/win.

  1. Keep it Regular.  Just like yoga, we can talk about the benefits and understand how great life will be with all this practice.  But it only works if you actually do it! And the same rules apply: 5 minutes is better than nothing, and 5 minutes a day, every day, adds up to a whole lot. Try it out for one week and you’ll feel a big difference. First thing in the morning is a great time to set the habit.

You don’t even have to leave your bed for this one. This is what I do. Simply sit up, get comfortable and pay attention to your breath for five minutes. If your thoughts start to take you away from your breath, see if you can guide your attention right back. If your thoughts start to drift again, guide yourself back again.  After your five minutes, go about your day as usual and notice if you feel any different.

Hope this helps!  –  Lynda Ellen

Communication with those In Spirit

Hi Everyone!

Lynda Ellen here again – this time about a totally different subject: Communication With Those In Spirit.

Many of you have asked me about communicating with your loved ones in Spirit, so here are some guidelines in easy steps for you to try at home.

I know this system works, you just have to give it your best shot and persevere if it doesn’t work the first time.

Don’t worry, you will not ‘conjure up’ bad Spirits; your Intention is the most important thing. Your loved ones are around you; you just have to create the right environment for them to communicate with you.

Firstly, find yourself a relaxed, quiet place to sit. You do not want to be disturbed whilst you do this. You will then need the following items:

  1. A glass of water
  2. Light 3 candles (tea lights will do)
  3. Hold a pink rose quartz crystal in each hand
  4. Deep Breaths

The above are representative of the four elements – Earth (Crystals), Air (Deep Breaths), Fire (Candles) & Water (Glass of).

You need to ‘open up’ to sense the Energy around you. I do this by visualising a lotus flower. (Please see the pictures below). As the petals slowly open, just as they would do in the early morning sun, so your crown chakra is opening to receive messages from your loved ones.

Now take some sips of the water to help ground you. This means relax and let go of the day’s business and troublesome events.

Light your candles if you have not already done so.

Pick up your crystals in each hand, then take 3 or 4 really big, deep breaths. Lift your shoulders as you slowly breathe in, then blow that air our really hard!

There is nothing polite or ladylike about this! By now you should be a lot more relaxed and ready to speak to your loved ones.

By all means have a  photograph nearby if you feel you would like to, but it is not necessary. Then just start speaking to Grandma or whoever it is you would like to connect with. Tell her about anything you feel she would like to know or anything she can help you with.  Try to keep it simple at first and conclude by asking her one question you would like answered. Finish by saying – “Until next time, or au revoir, NOT goodbye, just so she knows you intend to continue trying to connect with her another day.

Now sip some water and remember DO NOT DRIVE for at least 15 minutes after you finish. You can get spots before the eyes and/or blurred vision.

What should you expect to feel? Well, we are all different. But YOU know how your loved ones ‘felt’ to you when they were this side of life. So try to sense them standing behind or to either side of you. Female energy is lighter than male energy. If you feel tingles, a light touch on your hair, face or body, then think about what side of you was affected. Left side is female energy, right side male.

Another question I am often asked is “Can I connect with a person in Spirit that I didn’t know personally?”  Yes, absolutely. If they have crossed over,    they can come through. 

Animals are very precious to us; again my clients frequently ask if an animal has a Soul and if it can go to Heaven just like us.  Again, yes, absolutely.

There is NO difference in connecting with animal Souls to human ones. Some Mediums try to say it is a separate ‘gift’ to be able to connect with them;

I disagree, if they have crossed over, they can come through.

The only questions we cannot answer as Mediums is WHO will come through, or WHEN.  Even the best Mediums and Spiritual people in the World cannot answer this.  It is possible for loved ones to step forward and communicate with us very soon after their passing, but in some cases we may not hear from them for many, many years.

I would always advise, if I am asked, not to have a Reading too soon after a passing. Try to wait 6 months if you can, but at least 3 months. It can interfere with the grieving process, which unfortunately we all go through in a different timescale.  It is not harmful in any way to those who have crossed over – they simply will not step forward until they are ready to do so. It does not mean that they do not love you or you have done something wrong.


A very famous Medium, Jon Edward, was very close to his Mother, who sadly dies of Cancer.  They agreed she would contact him as soon as she could after she died. Of course he expected her to speak to him very soon as he was a famous Medium, but more than 10 years passed before she finally came through.

Once you ‘know’ that you are getting some connection with those who have crossed, try to do it at about the same time of the day. You do not have to try every day, but they enjoy a ‘routine’ and the energy connection will strengthen more easily if they know when to expect you!

Now, how do you know how to receive the answers to your questions. Well, I find just as I wake up in the morning, after I have been speaking to my loved ones the night before, is a very good time for them to give me an ‘answer’, often in the form of a picture I see or words I hear in my head.

They also like to give us signs, which can take many forms.  You may switch on the radio or TV and there is your answer!  You may open the Newspaper or a book and a word jumps right off the page. Number plates on a car, a sign hanging in a shop window, all these things can be the ‘answer’ you need.

Yes, loved ones do appear as butterflies or robins. I don’t mean if you see one solitary butterfly or robin its them. But if you see one in a place or at a time when you would not expect it, or you repeatedly see robins or butterflies around you, then yes, it is them.

I really hope you have a go at the above. You have nothing to lose by trying, and everything to gain! How wonderful to feel the presence of those in Heaven, but even more wonderful to have active communication with them.  With my very best wishes to you all until next time – Lynda Ellen xxx

You are never wrong to do the right thing

I often have a person, or persons, from the Other Side pop in before I start a Reading – always in my en-suite bathroom!

Most of the time it’s a relative or friend of one of the clients I Read for on that day, but not always. Sometimes the Spirit can be around me for up to a week before the Reading, which can be quite draining if they are anxious or really concerned to get their message across.

I always know when I have connected with their loved one in two ways: firstly, I recognise their energy when they come into the Reading and secondly, I feel so much lighter when I have delivered their message.

Last night, as I was getting ready for bed, a Spirit came in encouraging me to write this article.

So, here I am, Wednesday 15th August 2018 at 9pm, suddenly writing as fast as I can (by hand in the old fashioned way!), being guided to ‘get on with it’ and write my first Blog!

I have a feeling they are going to have quite a lot to say on all sorts of subjects, but tonight it seems to be inspired by one of my favourite quotes:


                                                                                                                                    MARK TWAIN

But, what is the Right Thing To Do?

I Read for all sorts of people from many walks of life, most of whom have decisions to make of one sort or another. It is my job to be the Messenger between Spirit and my Client, to point out the positives and negatives of the pathways open to them at that time and, possibly in the future.

It is not my job to stand in judgement of them.

When someone books an appointment, I ask only for their first name and contact telephone number, just in case I need to cancel. I don’t have or need any other information; it’s a bit like an artist working with a blank canvas – I like it that way. Also, I work to a strict confidentiality policy. I cover all areas of life; sometimes matters which are still under current Police investigation.

My Readings often make the client stop and think. The information a Spirit gives them validates that I am truly connecting with the person I say it is, then off we go! What Spirits have to say can be comforting, healing, funny or very harsh at times, but they always have the best interests of my client at heart.

So, we come back to the original question: What is the Right Thing To Do?

Spirit never cease to amaze me with the answers they give! For example, I was Reading for a drug dealer who asked me if he should stop dealing – could I see a different pathway for him?

(At this point I should say that I rarely know who I am Reading for when an appointment is made. It’s only when the energy opens up that I get to ‘see and sense’ certain things)

His relative in Spirit pointed out to him that he had his own (legal) business, a wonderful wife and a precious family.

His response was that although he knew this was true, his business was not doing so well lately; he needed the extra income to look after his wife and family.

Spirit then pointed out the potential danger and harm to other families that drugs can cause.

His response: ‘Well, if I didn’t sell them, someone else would, so why shouldn’t my family benefit?’

Spirit then talked about the cause and effect of his own drug abuse over the years. They pointed out to him that one of the reasons he was having this Reading was because he knew in his heart of hearts that his own health was now at risk; indeed his life may end prematurely if he continued to live this lifestyle.

Now, finally, they had his attention.

I then reminded him of how much he loved his wife and family. I could see it very clearly in the cards. It also showed how much his wife needed him after a recent major operation.

Spirit then spoke about his grown-up son, describing his character and behaviour very accurately.

I could tell that Spirit were hitting home with the evidence being given describing the son’s activities, which were putting his young life at risk.

Finally I was guided to point out to my client the circumstances of three deaths of local young men who had all died as a direct result of drug abuse.  The so called ‘soft drugs’ that had led them down a negative pathway escalated to high risk activities.

This harsh reality was going on all around him and his son. How would he feel if he had to attend his own son’s funeral?

So we then came back to the original question: What is the Right Thing to do?

My response: You knew before you came here the answer to that question. You just needed those in Spirit to validate your thoughts. They have done a powerful job of it today.

I often finish a Reading by saying to my client ‘I hope this Reading has helped you today, and at least made you think’. I’m saying this to all of you who have been kind enough to read this Blog, and look forward to covering a different topic next time. Who knows what they will have me write!

The final word goes to Mark Twain:


Lynda Ellen (with thanks to my Spirit friends) xx