I had my first reading with Lynda when I felt so alone and in need of love and security. The readings I have had with Lynda over the past three years have given me hope. Via Lynda, my loved ones in spirit have guided me, made me laugh and have told me of my future and above all else have given me the strength to look forward with hope and "hang on in there" because the future was to be amazing for me. They told me that I would meet a wonderful man, marry again - someone with a French connection and live in Canada by the water and I would have a wonderful quality of life and be very happy. At the time it was hard to believe "why would I want to live in Canada - never been there and have no inclination to go there!!????" But 3 years from my first reading with Lynda and after a chain of events that were absolutely beyond my control, here I am living in Montreal and very happily married with a wonderful quality of life. My loved ones wanted to tell me to hang on in there as there was hope for me and they gave the strength to carry on despite everything. If it wer not for Lynda being able to relay these messages with her kindness and compassion I am not sure I would have believed that there was more for me in this life or indeed been able to overcome despair and write this testimony today as at times during the past I have though there was no point in carrying on. Lynda gave me the strength to know and believe that I have loved ones and guardian angels in spirit watching over me and guiding me. So if you are reading this testimonial and need guidance, strength or hope believe me... Lynda Ellen is, in one word... AMAZING!!!!!
Canada - September 2016
Dear Lynda, I just wanted to send you a thank you letter! You gave me a fabulous readig Saturday (I am Oliver's mother). I managed to buy all the books and CD's of the Secret, which my husband and I listened to the first 3 CD's in the car, on the drive home to France. I was amazed that he actually wanted to listen to them?!! I think he has taken it on board! Although I am waiting in the doctor's waiting room, I have lost my voice, sore throat, cough and general run down! After your reading I have returned home feeling very POSITIVE! I have already looked on line for cookery courses and I will research television producers for making programs about projects abroad! I think my positive attitude has passed onto my husband too! Watch this SPACE or shall I say program in the near future?! Once again thank you very much, your reading was just what my Doctor Guardian Angel / Grandma ordered!
France - January 2016
Hi Lynda, I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with my reading. The three names you gave me, later my grandparents confirmed them as their parents' names. And to hear from my friend was the best thing ever! I will defo see you soon! Abby
Essex - February 2016
I met with you last Friday (26 Feb 2016) and I just wanted to contact you with some feedback. I have always had a firm belief that my loved ones are around me and are watching over me. I have never been to see a medium before and it was as a result of a personal recommendation and having gone through a rather unsettling time this past 2 years that I asked to come and see you. I arrived at our meeting with no idea as to how the reading would unfold, in what format it would take place and with no expectations as to who I might hear from or what messae they would deliver. I guess having not done this before at the start of my reading I was so fixated on 'me' that it simply didn't occur to me that those that came forward could be for extended family , i.e my husband's family members who had passed. Of the 2 people who came forward for me at the start of my reading, one was a father figure an throughout my reading there was an insistence around 1 of 3 which I couldn't completely understand. Its only having listened to the recording several times since out meeting that it was obvious I'd been on the wrong track. The father figure was my husband's dather the validation offered suddenly made sense an as for the 1 of 3, my husband is 1 of 3 children. He had the closer link to his father and he has a different, more tactile connection with people than his siblings. Other messages you provided could be validated by my mum and her siblings. I wish I had asked questions and probed more in terms of the messages you provided but I was amazed by what you had to say and keen to listen. Next time I will be better prepared I'm sure. I am so very grateful to you. I cannot tell you just how much your reading has meant to me and my family. The past couple of years have been incredibly difficult but has made my marriage stronger and out love that much deeper, whilst this year is all about endings and new beginnings already I feel as if a weight had been lifted and you have given me the confidence and peace to move forward so that my husband and I can realise our hopes, wishes and dreams. I would love to come back, M***** (my husband) and I have also considered seeing you together if this is considered appropriate? Is it too soon to come and see you? In the meantime I have passed your contact details to me aunt, my mum and 3 work colleagues (one of whom has already been in touch with you, L*****). With very best wishes and heartfelt thanks, Cate.
Essex - March 2016
Having spoken to many customers who have had Readings with Lynda Ellen at various Events up and down the Country, the feed-back I have received has left me in no doubt that she is a true professional and gives undisputed evidence.
David - Events Co-ordinator
June 2012
Thank you so much for my phone reading today Lynda - I cant begin to tell you how much it meant to me. I could listen to you all day - I do think you have very special teaching & healing qualities. I feel you're very good for me and I thank you for your honesty & encouragement. I know our loved ones are around us all, but to hear my dear Nan is with me and listen to the evidence that you gave gives me confidence to walk around with my head held high - I feel totally refreshed.
Nebraska - May 2009
My son Lewis started seeing Lynda in Nov 2008. He has a rare form of Epilepsy and we felt he needed help with the healing process. During treatment Lewis has had some spiritual experiences, seeing colours and connecting with his Grandad. The messages Lynda passed on have brought him great pleasure and comfort. Lynda has a way of explaining all the colours and feelings Lewis has experienced - she has helped to guide him through a very difficult time in his life. The energy Lynda provides is amazing; we see a change in Lewis after each session. Since Lewis has been seeing Lynda his life has changed. He was in hospital for 5 weeks, unable to do much for himself, but after only 3-4 healing sessions Lewis was able to start doing more and more, even going out by himself, going to the gym and being back socialising with his friends. I cannot thank Lynda enough for the help and support she has not only given Lewis but to all our family, nothing is too much trouble for this wonderful lady.
"A Bright and Shining Star in My Life Is How I Feel About Lynda Ellen. I Also Know That Lynda's Star Is Glowing Brighter And More Dazzling Day By Day. Lynda Is A Wonderful Listener; Kind and Gentle With A Natural Beauty Enhanced By Her Inner Connection To The Divine And Reflected In Her Amazing Psychic and Mediumship Gifts. Lynda Is The First Person I Call Whenever I Need A Little Insight Into Things And Who Doesnt From Time To Time?"
Dianne Pegler

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