Karma States That What You Sow Is What You Reap

The basic law of Karma states that what you sow is what you reap. What you put out will come back to you. You may think that there are many people in the world that seem to get away with everything. That is not so.  No one does. The law of Karma extends over many lifetimes.  It may appear that someone who has been deliberately harmful or hurtful to someone else, has got away it – this will not happen. The soul continues to reincarnate into another physical body and will be confronted by the same situation, or similar, to that they put the person through before. They will experience the pain and suffering themselves until lessons are learned. The only way the karmic chain can be broken is by learning forgiveness. There are different levels of Karma – what we have just discussed is Personal Karma – that is, what we have set in motion with the power of our own consciousness. The second type of Karma is Group Karma. When we incarnate into this world we are born into groups based on our skin colour, religious affiliation and so on.  When a person is born into a black body, say in the USA, he or she has to deal with racism and prejudice, not because a black body is inferior to a white body, but because of the low level of spiritual consciousness of so many souls on this plane.  A person in a black body or in a body of any other minority will take on the karmic lessons of that group. Another type of Karma is National Karma.  We are born into a certain country and are then indoctrinated with its egotistical identifications, for example if there was a nuclear war between China and the USA, we would be caught up in National Karma. There is also Planetary Karma.  Earth has certain unique lessons that are different from those on other planets. In a way all Karma could be called personal Karma, because our soul decides before we incarnate what our skin colour should be, who our families are, which religion and country we should grow up in etc. Our soul decides the lessons we must learn, it is all designed to help us grow spiritually and eventually to ascend. So remember, what you give out you will get back.  If you give out pain and suffering it will come back to you, if not in this lifetime then in your next. If on the other hand you give out love and compassion, it will come to you ten fold in this lifetime and beyond. When you have completed 51% of your Karma your mission is revealed and you are freed from the wheel of re-birth, if this is your wish. Taken from the book:  A Beginners Guide to the Path of Ascension by Dr. Joshua David Stone
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