You are never wrong to do the right thing

I often have a person, or persons, from the Other Side pop in before I start a Reading – always in my en-suite bathroom!

Most of the time it’s a relative or friend of one of the clients I Read for on that day, but not always. Sometimes the Spirit can be around me for up to a week before the Reading, which can be quite draining if they are anxious or really concerned to get their message across.

I always know when I have connected with their loved one in two ways: firstly, I recognise their energy when they come into the Reading and secondly, I feel so much lighter when I have delivered their message.

Last night, as I was getting ready for bed, a Spirit came in encouraging me to write this article.

So, here I am, Wednesday 15th August 2018 at 9pm, suddenly writing as fast as I can (by hand in the old fashioned way!), being guided to ‘get on with it’ and write my first Blog!

I have a feeling they are going to have quite a lot to say on all sorts of subjects, but tonight it seems to be inspired by one of my favourite quotes:


                                                                                                                                    MARK TWAIN

But, what is the Right Thing To Do?

I Read for all sorts of people from many walks of life, most of whom have decisions to make of one sort or another. It is my job to be the Messenger between Spirit and my Client, to point out the positives and negatives of the pathways open to them at that time and, possibly in the future.

It is not my job to stand in judgement of them.

When someone books an appointment, I ask only for their first name and contact telephone number, just in case I need to cancel. I don’t have or need any other information; it’s a bit like an artist working with a blank canvas – I like it that way. Also, I work to a strict confidentiality policy. I cover all areas of life; sometimes matters which are still under current Police investigation.

My Readings often make the client stop and think. The information a Spirit gives them validates that I am truly connecting with the person I say it is, then off we go! What Spirits have to say can be comforting, healing, funny or very harsh at times, but they always have the best interests of my client at heart.

So, we come back to the original question: What is the Right Thing To Do?

Spirit never cease to amaze me with the answers they give! For example, I was Reading for a drug dealer who asked me if he should stop dealing – could I see a different pathway for him?

(At this point I should say that I rarely know who I am Reading for when an appointment is made. It’s only when the energy opens up that I get to ‘see and sense’ certain things)

His relative in Spirit pointed out to him that he had his own (legal) business, a wonderful wife and a precious family.

His response was that although he knew this was true, his business was not doing so well lately; he needed the extra income to look after his wife and family.

Spirit then pointed out the potential danger and harm to other families that drugs can cause.

His response: ‘Well, if I didn’t sell them, someone else would, so why shouldn’t my family benefit?’

Spirit then talked about the cause and effect of his own drug abuse over the years. They pointed out to him that one of the reasons he was having this Reading was because he knew in his heart of hearts that his own health was now at risk; indeed his life may end prematurely if he continued to live this lifestyle.

Now, finally, they had his attention.

I then reminded him of how much he loved his wife and family. I could see it very clearly in the cards. It also showed how much his wife needed him after a recent major operation.

Spirit then spoke about his grown-up son, describing his character and behaviour very accurately.

I could tell that Spirit were hitting home with the evidence being given describing the son’s activities, which were putting his young life at risk.

Finally I was guided to point out to my client the circumstances of three deaths of local young men who had all died as a direct result of drug abuse.  The so called ‘soft drugs’ that had led them down a negative pathway escalated to high risk activities.

This harsh reality was going on all around him and his son. How would he feel if he had to attend his own son’s funeral?

So we then came back to the original question: What is the Right Thing to do?

My response: You knew before you came here the answer to that question. You just needed those in Spirit to validate your thoughts. They have done a powerful job of it today.

I often finish a Reading by saying to my client ‘I hope this Reading has helped you today, and at least made you think’. I’m saying this to all of you who have been kind enough to read this Blog, and look forward to covering a different topic next time. Who knows what they will have me write!

The final word goes to Mark Twain:


Lynda Ellen (with thanks to my Spirit friends) xx

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